Press feedback (some translated from German):

“That’s a strong piece that the guys present here. To classify their music is quite hard because deathly grooves and blast parts co-exist peacefully. The band offers many creative elements in their music that require frequent listening to capture it all.... . I think if the band continues where they started with No One Said It Would Be Easy, we will see a freight train coming at us soon.“ Ambossmag

“Angry music for angry people” is what’s offered. Actually, I think Sic Zone do themselves a disservice by cultivating an image which is not only self-explanatory but belies the subtleties within this work of modern metal techniques. All in all, “Bear the Consequences” has balls-a-plenty, not to mention a decent dose of eccentricity about it, and is a blast."

"Bear The Consequences" is a great psycho plank that enables you not only to hear hate but also to smell and taste it. Despite some more reserved passages, the band takes absolutely no prisoners. Shamelessly brilliant!"

“Straightforward and heavy into the face! Fat sound, great production, diverse and an atmosphere front to back. That’s how it is supposed to be!“ Metal

“The spark ignites the audience within just a few beats. As soon as the band plays their song 'Stale' which is yet to be released on their new album 'Bear The Consequences', the crowd goes nuts with crowd surfing attempts.... Round thing, brutal, entertaining, simply great!“

“This creative portion of pure hate makes for a good mood in your ears and spits nothing but poison and hate into your face. Totally wicked!“ RockHard Germany

“Definitely the most innovative and distinctive material coming from the German underground scene. Music that offers every aspect of what you are looking for if you like modern metal sounds.“